Plastic Tooling Engineer

A plastic tooling engineer is a manufacturing engineering professional who works for a plastics manufacturing organization. These professionals are responsible for the design and improvements of plastics or injection-mold fabrication processes.

Educational requirements include an associate’s degree in engineering technology, mold design or computer-aided design (CAD). Employment opportunities will increase for those who obtain bachelor’s degree in engineering.

This occupation requires previous experience in manufacturing process engineering, as well as drafting and machine design.

Design responsibilities include creating and improving injection-mold machinery using computer-aided design tools, and assisting in the research and development of new manufacturing processes by analyzing manufacturing data and suggesting areas for redesign or improvement.

These professionals also analyze the production line and machinery to help design parameters of the manufacturing process, and works with technicians, production workers and other manufacturing staff to ensure quality output of molded components.

Salary to be paid in RMB, must live in China.

Contact Information Please e-mail resume to: employment@relianceint.com